We deliver quality Pest Control Service working systematically with customers requirements and time limit. We are licensed personnels dealing with Pest Control requirements at the every stage of pest removal.

Our person comes to your place and understands the type of pest and takes necessary decisions.

We are authorised persons and remove pest without harming or ruining customers property.

We use harmless and organic chemicals to remove pest and control from spreading.

We work on real time basis matching with the budget of the customer and time limit.

Hansitha Pest Control is one of the leading pest control organizations in Edmonton. We determine the type of pests that have invaded your Premises. Our services include control of Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites and etc.

Mice Control 

Mouse Control in Edmonton

We have more than 15 Years of experience in Edmonton!

Do you have rodent problem? We have a permanent solution! For more than two decades, DSA Property Care Ltd has specialized in providing rodent control and extermination services to Edmonton and the surrounding suburbs. We have more than 15 years of experience and can provide professional and guaranteed mouse elimination for both residential and commercial buildings.

Rodent Exterminator – Mice & Rodent Control- Rodent control Specialist

Rodents are some of the most difficult pests to completely rid from your property; they are incredibly resilient creatures and can fit through very small openings in your walls and floors. In order to keep rats and mice away for good, it’s necessary to call a rodent removal company that has a thorough understanding of how and why rats and mice have invaded your property.

Bed Bug Control : Eradicate Bed Bugs Quickly & Permanently. Call Out Our Company Today! Arrow Is Here To Serve You With The Best Price Possible. No monthly contracts. Locally owned. Free estimates.

Bed Bug Inspection

Tip: The common Bed Bug can not be seen with the naked eye. Since bed bugs are difficult to see, use a magnifying glass.

Cockroach Control :
The Most Effective Way To Eliminate Cockroaches In Edmonton
Cockroaches are filthy pests that spread deadly diseases, and they are tough to eradicate; furthermore, without making some changes to your home or business, they are likely to return. With three different species living in Edmonton, you not only need to know which type you’re dealing with, but which method of treatment is most effective in each case.

Voles Control :

¿How To Identify A Vole Problem?

Appearance – Voles have a brownish black body fur, and have short legs and tails. They are sometimes called meadow mice, as they are rodents and similar in appearance. They are bigger them mice though, ranging in sizes from 5 to 8 inches.long.

Behavior – Voles become a nuisance because they invade landscaped lawns or gardens, feeding on plants. They are typically found in grassy or weed filled areas where there is plenty of cover. They construct burrows underground to hide from predators.

Ant Control :

Have Ants Taken Over Your Edmonton Home And Yard?

When the number of ants in your yard becomes so great that your kids can no longer play outside, you know you have a problem! Once these ants find their way inside, the problem will only grow. While some ants are simply a nuisance, others spread disease or dole out painful bites and stings. If you have an ant problem in your home or yard, contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control.

We treat for many types of ants, including Argentine, pavement, ghost, harvester, velvety tree, rover, and odorous house ants.

More information: https://www.savvypestcontrol-buildings.ca/